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About Calyptus

Since companies have to convince increasingly demanding stakeholders at every stage of their strategy, Calyptus deploys bespoke communication systems backed by its dual expertise in communication and finance.

Calyptus helps listed and unlisted companies express their values and optimize their value by enabling them to build or refine their positioning, define and deploy their communication strategy and develop their image.

As a firm believer in bespoke solutions, Calyptus is driven by the know-how and personalities of its consultants, who combine high-level experience in the fields of finance and communication, to offer each of its clients involvement, motivation and efficiency on a daily basis.

Our skills 

Financial communication 

Day-to-day support for listed company managers in marketing their shares, in compliance with regulatory constraints and CSR criteria

Corporate communication 

Raising voice and making sense to all stakholders. Managing crisis situations

Financial operations

Combining all our expertise on high-intensity missions for time sensitive strategic operations

Years of existence 
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Our values


Calyptus respects the values shared by all its employees. In line with our best-effort obligation in advising companies, we act with honesty and sincerity, respecting ethical standards, promoting transparency and serving the interests of our clients.


Calyptus is convinced that open-mindedness is a powerful lever for creativity. Our ability to keep abreast of the latest developments, our multi-sector versatility and our ongoing interest in new communication tools/channels give us an undeniable advantage.


Calyptus is committed to a high level of investment in the life of the agency and in supporting its clients at every stage of their business. Moreover, the notion of commitment also incorporates Calyptus’ desire for constant dialogue with its stakeholders, partners, suppliers and ecosystem.

years in average of experience
by consultant 
Releases per year
Financial operations
  • Acquisition of an investor relations firm

    After a long experience in advertising as co-founder of the FCA! (12 countries, 900 employees) Philippe Calleux completes acquisition of an investor relations firm

  • First IPO

    First IPO with Buffalo Grill, which won the Stratégies magazine award for best IPO

  • Birth of Calyptus

    The office changes its name to Calyptus and becomes a financial communications agency.
    Throughout the 2000s, the agency strengthened its portfolio with prestigious names such as Beneteau, Gecina or Lanson in financial communications, JP Morgan, Meeschaert, Lazard Frères Gestion as well as STMicroelectronics and Air Liquide in corporate communications. The agency was involved in the IPOs of Afflelou (2001), Pizzorno Environnement (2005), Harvest (2005), Parrot (2006), Weborama (2006) and others.

  • Agency of the year 

    Calyptus voted Agency of the Year

  • New Managing Director

    Mathieu Calleux takes over as Managing Director of the agency

  • 1st international IPO

    The agency supports Land'Or in its listing on the Tunis stock exchange: over 20,000 individual investors subscribe to the operation

  • Mcphy Energy IPO of the year

    The agency supports McPhy Energy in its IPO, which will win the EnterNext IPO of the year award.

  • Parrot Financial operation of the year

     The agency advises its client Parrot on the completion of a €300 million capital increase, which will win the EnterNext prize for the best financial transaction of the year.

  • 5 IPOs for Calyptus

    The agency assists Medesis Pharma, AMA, NFL BIosciences, Entech, CBI with their IPOs

  • The team expands

    The agency strengthens its teams with the arrival of 4 new collaborators

Notable distinctions and partnerships

Enternext prize for best financial transaction in 2015 (Parrot)

A record-breaking €300 million for a company in the consumer technology sector. Calyptus took charge of investor relations (consulting and permanent presence at roadshows), press relations and shareholder communications. This operation was preceded by in-depth work to support Parrot’s repositioning in the drone market. Calyptus is still working for Parrot today.

Enternext IPO award in 2014 (McPhyEnergy) 

32M€ raised for a demand of over 200M€, including 28M€ from the general public, 100 press articles (print, web, radio and TV), MCPhyEnergy’s IPO remains one of the biggest successes of the last 10 years. Calyptus is proud to have contributed to this success through the stock market marketing campaign it designed and implemented.

Selected by Enternext as a “coaching partner” on the Techshare program for 7 years

Following a call for tenders launched by Enternext, Calyptus was chosen as a coaching partner to provide 7-year training in financial communications for managers of companies in the tech sector (IT, biotech, cleantech), and to prepare them for a possible IPO.

Associate member of Middlenext

As an associate member of the leading association for listed SMEs, Calyptus shares its expertise by running training workshops on financial communication and participating in working groups.

Calyptus is a partner of Finance Innovation, the global competitiveness cluster dedicated to financial innovation.

We organize workshops to help network members understand the challenges of financial and corporate communications.

In Lyon, Calyptus is a partner of Lyon Pôle Bourse, Ekno  agency and EM Lyon.

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