Tailor-made solutions to contribute to the success of a key stage in the life of a company.

In the context of a takeover bid or buyout offer, financial communication plays a key role in mobilizing shareholders. In particular, it ensures the transparency of the operation, keeps shareholders informed and maximizes the chances of success. Calyptus puts its expertise and tailor-made solutions at your disposal to help you navigate a complex, high-stakes environment.

– Transparency and information: Calyptus will support you throughout the entire process, from preparation to completion, in compliance with a perfectly mastered regulatory framework. Working alongside you, Calyptus can take charge of communicating the operation to shareholders and deploy tailor-made strategies to ensure that they are properly informed about it,

– Understanding and buy-in: To ensure that all stakeholders understand the ins and outs of the operation and buy into the project, Calyptus develops educational and persuasive communication, capable of answering questions and allaying concerns,

Reputational protection: A takeover bid can generate tension and uncertainty. Financial communication is an essential tool for protecting a company’s reputation and maintaining stakeholder confidence.

Content strategy, multi-channel distribution and audience follow-up

  1. Defining a clear, tailored communication strategy: Depending on the nature of the operation, its objectives and the targets to be reached, we draw up a tailor-made communication strategy. This strategy defines the key messages to be disseminated, the most appropriate communication channels and the communication timetable, based on the regulatory calendar,

  2. Produce quality content: We draft all the documents needed to inform stakeholders, such as press releases, the dedicated website, Q&A, the slide show presenting the operation, etc. We ensure that this content meets the expectations of the various target audiences and is easily accessible,

  3. Set up targeted communication actions: We organize press conferences, briefings and interviews to present the operation and answer stakeholder questions. We also use digital channels (website, social networks) to disseminate information and maintain a constant dialogue with key audiences,

  4. Managing media relations: We maintain close relations with the financial and business media to ensure positive media coverage of the operation. We organize press briefings and interviews to answer journalists’ questions and convey the company’s key messages,

  5. Monitoring and analyzing the impact of communication: We set up a system for monitoring and analyzing the impact of communication in order to measure its effectiveness and adjust the strategy if necessary.

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