Roadshows and events

Meet existing and potential investors to build loyalty and diversify your shareholder base

Roadshows are a series of presentations made by listed companies to investors.

These “one-on-one” or “group” meetings are a key element in stock market marketing, to meet the challenges of visibility and fair valuation for listed SMEs. In particular, they allow you to:

  • meet with potential investors to present their activities and prospects, and highlight investment opportunities. This can help companies raise capital and develop their investor base,
  • strengthen relationships with existing investors to maintain their support and loyalty,
  • raise the company’s profile to help strengthen its credibility and attract new investors.

Calyptus helps listed SMEs ensure the success of their roadshows, in France and abroad

With Calyptus, listed SMEs ensure the success of their roadshows, in France and abroad, by relying on several factors, from preparation to execution to feedback:

  • Prepare thoroughly:
    • targeting: the selection of potential investors is based on our professional targeting tools and our proprietary database enriched by Calyptus’ 20 years of expertise in France and abroad,
    • timing: roadshows will be more effective if they are timed correctly, in terms of the stock market, the sector and the ecosystem,
    • slide show: a relevant and attractive presentation that reflects the company’s identity and vision,
    • speaking: the management team must be able to respond enthusiastically and transparently to investors’ expectations and needs, and to their questions, whether technical, financial or strategic.
  • Impeccable execution:
    • profiles: Calyptus provides key information on investors (investment typology, sector knowledge, comparable investments, etc.) to enable the management team to be as relevant as possible within a meeting time generally limited to around 1h00,
    • pre-marketing: by offering a gradual increase in the number of meetings, first with known investors and then on a broader scale, Calyptus enables business leaders to test the relevance of their presentation, both orally and in writing (slide show),
    • logistics: during this intense period, the management team needs to be able to rely on a well-functioning organization that can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, so that it is always in the right place at the right time.
  • Feedback:
    • investor meetings are the subject of a perception survey, a summary of which is submitted to the listed company’s senior management.
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Collaboration between agencies, investment providers and initial public offerings banks

Roadshows can be handled entirely by the agency, or shared with an investment provider or broker. During IPO periods, they are generally managed by the introducing bank(s).

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Roadshow outsourcing with personalized support and presentation management

The deep involvement of Calyptus consultants with its clients is also illustrated by our ability to support them in this exercise, by taking charge of part of the presentation, or even by carrying out roadshows independently as spokespersons for our customers, as part of the outsourcing of the investor relations function.

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