Investor & Analyst Relations

Investor & Analyst Relations

Investor and analyst relations are essential to the success of the stock market strategy of listed SMEs, and form an integral part of financial communication. They are essential if you are to emerge among the more than 1,000 issuers listed on Euronext.

For investors and analysts, they complement regulatory information by helping the market to fully understand the company’s business model, market challenges and risks. In this way, they contribute to the smooth running of the market, enabling the financial community to better interpret events impacting the life of a company, and thus make informed investment decisions. In particular, investor relations will make it possible to:

retain existing investors,
– attract new investors,
– improve the company’s visibility on the financial market,
– develop brand awareness.

To energize investor relations and optimize your stock market marketing, it’s important to implement a proactive strategy and draw on the right tools and resources.

Broaden your investor and analyst base

Meeting the same people over and over again limits stock market momentum. On the contrary, good stock market marketing should encourage target diversification through knowledge and monitoring of the stock market ecosystem.

Calyptus helps you identify the investors and analysts most relevant to your company, based on its sector of activity, size and stock market objectives.

We provide you with high-performance targeting and prospecting tools, as well as a network of privileged relationships based on the agency’s 25 years of experience.

These missions can be included in an annual contract or carried out on an ad hoc basis.

Developing a high-performance targeting strategy

For your financial communications to be effective, it’s essential to target the right people. Calyptus implements a targeting strategy tailored to your capital strategy, based on the following criteria:

  • type of investor: institutional, retail, family office, etc,
  • the size and management criteria of the investment vehicle,
  • the investor’s preferred sectors,
  • the investor’s location.

We put our professional and/or proprietary tools at your disposal to help you target the investors and analysts most relevant to your business.

relations investisseurs analystes calyptus

Managing analyst relations

Financial analysts play a major role in the market’s perception of a company, as do relations with the financial press. It is therefore essential to cultivate a relationship of trust with them.

Calyptus helps you manage your analyst relations in compliance with stock market regulations by assisting you in the various stages of your financial communication, in particular:

  • targeting,
  • preparation of results presentation meetings,
  • answers to analysts’ questions,
  • regular meetings with analysts who follow the stock, or who are interested in it,
  • feedback on analysts’ perceptions.

Multiplying encounters

In addition to results presentation meetings, it is important to increase the number of meetings with investors and analysts. This enables them to present the company from different angles, both financial and non-financial, and to gain a deeper understanding of your challenges and strategy.

Calyptus, a recognized financial communications agency, offers you a range of services to help you increase the number of meetings, including:

  • roadshows,
  • investors day (or capital market day – CMD),
  • themed meetings (techno, CSR, market, etc.),
  • webinaires.

Calyptus can advise you on the choice of meetings best suited to your objectives, on the development of media and language elements, and on how to organize them efficiently.

relations investisseurs analystes calyptus

Get market feedback

It’s important to get feedback from the market to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your investor communications and your overall financial communications. To this end, Calyptus conducts perception surveys to help you understand how investors and analysts perceive your company. The results enable us to identify areas for improvement in financial communications.

These surveys can be included in an annual contract, or carried out on an ad hoc basis.

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To boost your investor relations, it’s important to put in place a proactive strategy, backed up by the right tools and resources. Calyptus, a recognized financial communications agency, helps you achieve your objectives by offering a comprehensive, personalized range of services.

Contact us for a personalized response to your investor and analyst relations needs.

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