Individual shareholder communication

From consulting to outsourcing individual shareholder communications

The number of active individual investors has risen from 1.15 million in 2019 to 1.43 million in 2022. Far from the widow shareholder stereotype, the French individual shareholder is getting younger, with a growing proportion of under-35s. Between 2018 and 2022, the average age of active investors fell from 57 to 49 for men and from 64 to 60 for women. The vast majority are men (70%), 80% are invested in equities and are increasingly concerned by sustainable development. Addressing this target represents a major challenge for the success of listed SMEs. It requires specific information and communication methods.

Individual shareholding can enhance liquidity (or, conversely, volatility), access to financing, capital stability and corporate governance. This audience (“retail”) has a direct impact on your company’s reputation and brand image that extends far beyond the financial markets.

Calyptus can help you manage your individual shareholding in line with your corporate strategy, at every stage of your stock market path:
– IPO and capital increase: financing growth and diversifying the free float,
– stock market life of a listed company: maintaining, diversifying or minimizing individual shareholding, managing volatility and reputation,
– development of employee shareholding: building employee loyalty and strengthening capital,
– takeover bids (OPA, OPR): informing shareholders and enabling them to take action.

Calyptus services for managing individual shareholders

  • know your shareholder base: the better you target, the better you communicate! Calyptus uses a shareholder survey (“TPI”) and detailed analysis to determine the quantity and quality of your individual shareholders, as well as their motivations and expectations,
  • develop an appropriate content strategy: content aimed at individual shareholders must be clear, concise and accessible. They also need to be adapted to different communication media, such as the website, social networks or letters to shareholders,
  • diversify communication channels: letters to shareholders, shareholder clubs, dedicated content on the website and a regular presence in the media and on social networks are just some of the ways in which Calyptus communicates on a daily basis,
  • organize meetings: meetings with individual shareholders, whether digital or face-to-face, are loyalty-building and diversification tools that Calyptus can help you implement,
  • follow individual shareholders: this audience asks questions and can publicly influence perceptions of your company. Calyptus can help you meet these challenges, in particular by responding to incoming requests and ensuring the quality of exchanges on stock market forums,
  • outsourcing individual shareholder communications: Calyptus’ involvement and organization can enable you to outsource your individual shareholder relations function (dedicated shareholder hotline, e-mail responses to questions, forum moderation, community management, etc.).
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Pedagogy and benevolence

Calyptus is fundamentally convinced that the contribution of listed SMEs to the financial and economic education of the French people is a pillar of the French stock market ecosystem, and that every listed company, even the smallest, has its part to play.

Managing individual shareholding is a key factor in the success of small and medium-sized businesses on the stock market. Depending on your objectives, Calyptus will put in place an appropriate strategy to help you manage your communications with individual shareholders. Contact us to find out more.

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