Identification and analysis of international shareholders

Accurate shareholder data.

To develop an effective investor and shareholder relations strategy, measured by improved public engagement, knowing your shareholder base is key for a listed SME. Calyptus offers you a full range of services, from identification of the share registrar and final beneficiaries, to complete capital analysis.

Why get to know your investors?

  • To understand their motivations and expectations. This enables the company to adapt its communications and actions to better target and satisfy its investors,
  • To establish a relationship of trust through regular communication; this can take the form of meetings, content distribution or loyalty programs,
  • To make informed decisions, particularly in terms of governance or shareholder strategy,
  • To diversify your shareholder base. By determining the profiles of the different types of investors, the company can diversify its shareholder base, particularly among comparable targets,
  • To analyze your perception. By questioning your shareholders, by precise typologies, the company can determine its communication strategy on the basis of informed decisions.
relations investisseurs analystes calyptus

Calyptus offers a complete solution for identifying and analyzing capital structure, covering :

  • Taking into account and reprocessing the register of registered shares issued by the securities registrar,
  • Selection and management of the organization responsible for collecting bearer shareholders (“TPI” for Titre au Porteur Identifiable, or “SID” for Shareholder Identification Disclosure),
  • Cross-referencing with public or internal company data (representatives, employees, stakeholders, etc.),
  • Complete shareholder analysis: by grouping data on registered and bearer shareholders, Calyptus provides you with a complete, deduplicated and classified shareholder statement, with numerous analysis criteria (age, geographical distribution, bank distribution, length of ownership, purchase price, etc.).

Ultimately, the Calyptus solution for identifying individual shareholders depends on the needs and resources of the listed company. Contact us to find out more.

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