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How can Calyptus help you develop effective business and financial press relations?

Business and financial press relations are essential to building the reputation and credibility of listed SMEs as part of an effective financial communications strategy.

From generalists to specialists, the leading media (newspapers and websites) (mainly Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, L’Agefi, Investir, Le Revenu) are recognized for their quality and expertise, meeting the needs of a wide audience, from institutional investors to individuals. They each respond to different constraints and objectives that your economic and financial press relations strategy must take into account.

To energize its economic and financial press relations, a listed SME needs to rely on a global, coherent and rhythmic strategy that takes into account the specificities and constraints of the economic and financial press.

With Calyptus, your press relations strategy will be based on the following elements in particular:

– targeting and communication plan,
– meetings and building trust,
– content dedicated to journalists,
– multi-channel broadcasting,
– crisis management.

A qualified, up-to-date contact database

The first step is to build up a base of qualified contacts, i.e. a list of journalists and financial content professionals who are likely to be interested in the company’s news. To ensure effective communication, this database needs to be regularly updated and enhanced.

Calyptus has its own proprietary databases and professional targeting tools, both of which will put their respective strengths to work for you.

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A core group of key journalists

In the small world of the economic and financial press, it’s important to identify a core group of journalists and develop a relationship of trust with them, based on an understanding of your business strategy and project. These journalists, often specialized in a given industry or geographical area, are as much experts as they are novices. It’s essential to maintain regular relations with them to understand their expectations, and to keep up to date with their news and editorial lines.

Consulting and associated tools

To diversify speaking opportunities, it’s essential to set up a targeting strategy and punctuate communication as much as possible (financial agenda, communication plan, news angle, editorial calendar, etc.).

Calyptus can advise you on how to identify speaking opportunities, optimize your share of voice and make your mark as an expert in your field.

Among the tools available to Calyptus customers, you will benefit from :

  • Calyptus databases of qualified journalists,
  • professional targeting and media monitoring solutions,
  • tools for monitoring and managing your presence on social networks,
  • attractive press reviews.
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A content strategy tailored to the journalistic target audience

Press releases and press kits are essential tools for economic and financial press relations. These documents must be written clearly and concisely, highlight the company’s strengths and be adapted to the journalistic target, providing relevant information on the ecosystem and markets addressed.

It’s also important to diversify content and delivery methods, using different formats such as videos, infographics or podcasts, and multiplying channels (social networks, personalized emails, telephone contacts, etc.).

Media training

Once you’ve defined your targets and key messages, you need to be able to communicate them clearly, concisely and effectively. This is where the media training is involved: training for speaking in front of the media. It is intended for managers, spokespeople and other members of the company who are likely to be asked to speak to the media. From convincing speeches to managing questions and answers or difficult situations: thanks to the methods developed by Calyptus and its partners, a well-prepared spokesperson will be able to adapt to any situation to establish his or her credibility and legitimacy.

Regular meetings

In addition to meetings to present results, it’s important to meet journalists: press conferences, face-to-face meetings, informal meetings, management of off-shoots. These different formats are adapted to different stages in the process, to develop a relationship of trust and facilitate the sharing and understanding of information.

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News monitoring

Calyptus regularly monitors news from peers and competitors. This stage enables us to keep abreast of the latest trends, adjust our messages according to current events, and react quickly in the event of a crisis.

Anticipating and managing crises

Calyptus can help you prepare for potential communication crises by identifying high-risk situations and keeping an active watch on rumors, infomercials and more. A crisis management plan enables us to react quickly and effectively in the event of a problem. Appropriate crisis management can limit damage to a company’s reputation.

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The economic and financial media are an important way for a listed SME to make itself known to investors, whether institutional or individual. Calyptus can help you set up or optimize your relations strategy with the business and financial press, in order to develop your brand awareness and manage your reputation.

Our services include

  • Creating and updating a database of qualified contacts,
  • identifying a core target of key journalists,
  • implementation of a press relations strategy and associated tools,
  • writing press releases and press kits,
  • media training,
  • organizing meetings with journalists,
  • news monitoring and follow-up.

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