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Financial advertising and return on investment: Calyptus’ strong expertise

For listed SMEs, investment in financial advertising is essential to promote the success of their financial operations or to highlight certain events. Although financial advertising is primarily aimed at retail investors, it also reaches professional investors, who like everyone else are sensitive to the impact of a good message, and also because they can be reassured to see that the issuing company can count on broad public subscription and is pursuing a strategy of diversifying its free float.

But how do you get a good return on investment from your financial advertising campaigns?

What is the purpose of financial advertising?

Advertising during a financial transaction has several objectives:

  • Inform the market about the company, its plans and the terms of the transaction,
  • create the right conditions for mobilizing investors, by building awareness and trust,
  • win over individual investors by making it easier for them to subscribe.

Building a good media plan

A good media plan is a strategic plan that defines the objectives, messages, media and budgets of advertising campaigns.

For SMEs listed on the stock exchange, it’s important to clearly define your target audience of potential investors and the media that will reach them. The most commonly used media are:

  • the financial press, an essential medium for professional investors,
  • the web, in particular financial information sites and online brokers, where the majority of retail investor subscriptions are made,
  • radio, an effective medium for reaching a wide audience and encouraging subscriptions,
  • emailing, a direct and effective tool for communicating with investors,
  • social networks, as a means of reaching a young, dynamic audience.
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Measuring the effectiveness of the system

As with any financial communication initiative, it is important to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in order to assess their return on investment. The most commonly used indicators are:

  • traffic on the website created for the operation,
  • the number of downloads of financial documents,
  • the number of incoming calls to the finance department,
  • the number of potential investors contacted,
  • public subscription.

Print, web, radio, emailing, social ads: which media to choose?

The choice of channels is crucial to the success of a financial advertising campaign. At Calyptus, we believe that each case is unique, and that an advertising system only works optimally if it’s tailored and personalized. Several factors are taken into account, including

  • the issuing company’s sector,
  • campaign objectives: impact, amount, duration,
  • the target audience: are we looking to mobilize existing shareholders, or new ones?
  • the market landscape over the period (similar operations, availability of sites, etc.).

While certain financial media remain unavoidable, the possibilities offered by digital media in terms of targeting are vast, and creativity must also be expressed in the choice of advertising medium.

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In addition to checking publications, ensure that the offer is available on all platforms

In the same way that a supermarket advertiser would make a mistake by launching an advertising campaign when its products are not on supermarket shelves, the issuer must ensure that its offer is available on the platforms of banks and brokers, and that the customers of these establishments can subscribe to it without hindrance.

The various financial intermediaries are informed of the offer by a market notice, but the implementation of the offer in the banks’ and brokers’ IT systems is by no means automatic, and may take some time.

That’s why at Calyptus, we make sure the offer is available before launching any campaign.

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Calyptus, your partner in financial advertising

Calyptus is a French financial communications agency specializing in listed SMEs with a strong advertising DNA. To help you design and implement effective financial advertising campaigns, Calyptus, founded by Philippe Calleux, who for 25 years headed the 4th largest French advertising group, sold to Publicis in 1993, has unique advertising expertise within the French stock market ecosystem.

Our expert teams will help you:

  • define your objectives and target audience,
  • build an appropriate media plan,
  • create impactful messages,
  • measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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