Financial communications and stock market marketing

How to implement an effective financial communications strategy with Calyptus?

Financial communication is a strategic weapon for the visibility, brand image and fair valuation of listed companies, but it is also a source of constraints, sometimes complex, where a faux pas can have formidable consequences. Once the euphoria of the IPO has passed, stock market life must be managed with finesse and care.

Financial communication is not just the preserve of listed companies, and some companies can and should deploy a financial communication strategy, even if they don’t go public or plan to go public. For example, to meet the expectations of their private investors, bankers, rating agencies or other stakeholders.

Calyptus, a recognized financial and corporate communications agency, provides year-round support to some thirty listed SMEs and ETIs, and a dozen private companies, as well as carrying out one-off consultancy assignments.

To emerge in a competitive stock market environment — around 900 companies are listed on Euronext Paris — and make your voice heard by the various targets in the stock market and financial ecosystem, Calyptus can advise you on your financial marketing strategy and offer a range of services tailored to your ambitions and constraints.

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