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From basic support to complete outsourcing of the whole communications activity

As Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha and famous investor, reminds us, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about it, you’ll do things differently”.

As a communications consultancy firm, Calyptus has set up a customizable methodology within a controlled budget to help you meet your challenges, whatever the time you have available for your communications: from the most basic support to total management of your communications activity.

Calyptus puts in place the ad hoc strategic communication foundation to enable you to calmly deploy the operational tools you need to meet your stakeholders’ expectations.

What's a brand platform?

The brand platform provides a formalized view of your strategy. In this sense, this tool serves as a reference for your overall communication strategy. This communication tool is not intended to be made public, but to ensure brand integrity and consistency in your communications. As the company grows, it will feed into your various communication tools: press material, selection of visuals, different public pitches (investor pitch, sales presentation, etc.), storytelling.

  • Calyptus can help you clarify and align your communication activities around a strong, clearly identifiable image, designed to make a difference and set you apart in markets that are often saturated with information;
  • Calyptus works with you to draw up a set of specifications or an agency brief to identify your needs and help you achieve your real objectives;
  • Calyptus revisits your identity in line with your positioning, helps you translate your strategic vision into your communications, and works with you to define the common thread that supports it, as well as the resulting communications plan;
  • Thanks to its advertising DNA, Calyptus can go a step further by offering to renew your visual identity if the need arises.
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The message platform: asking the right questions

Who are you and what message do you want to convey, and how? Before answering this question, we need to ask ourselves why: a why that is not just a response to a practical need, but above all a question of meaning, to paraphrase Nietzsche: whoever has a why can face any how. What you are, what meaning you give yourself and how this translates into your identity, through your raison d’être, will help us to better understand who you are today and where you’re heading. Your history, your development and your current and future projects cannot be understood without being placed in a broader context. We need to put your company back at the heart of what you are, what you do, and what you are achieving today in the face of changing challenges and a changing world. Thus :

  • Calyptus provides you with a methodology, several techniques and tools to conceptualize your message platform (4W, message essentiel, messaging house, vision/values/mission, Q&A – company profile…);
  • Calyptus helps you define your language elements and develop your supporting messages in support of your overall strategy, so as to establish your legitimacy; 
  • Calyptus provides you with a synthesis and popularization work, a panel of logically ordered arguments enabling your discourse to become coherent and long-lasting, with the aim of speaking with a single voice to your stakeholders.
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Managers and spokespersons, don't neglect your speaking role!

Speaking on stage, live, is as complicated as it is important for your stakeholders. You have to be prepared, and especially when you’re not comfortable in public! To quote Warren Buffet again: “it’s when the sea recedes that you see who’s bathing naked”. If this adage was originally intended for investors in US banks, it is just as true for communications. An executive’s speech is not a trivial gesture. As a leader, you must not only engage your stakeholders, but also convey a message, representing your company, its mission, its vision, your employees too, and perhaps an industry, a bias, an opinion. It can never be improvised! Be prepared.

  • Calyptus guides your managers and spokespersons in speaking out, whether on a one-off basis (pitch, press conference) or over the long term;
  • Calyptus trains them in form and content, so that they best embody their structure and the messages to be conveyed;
  • Calyptus offers coaching sessions in public speaking, role-playing and simulations of press interviews or roadshow presentations;
  • Calyptus can also act as a mirror for the manager, challenging him or her and preparing him or her for uncomfortable questions.
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Information, a source of power in decision-making!

Having all the information you need to make the right decision has always been essential, and it’s even more so today in a world where information circulates freely and immediately, in an open market where transparency is encouraged. Knowing how to position yourself is just as important for identifying gaps in your ecosystem’s perception and adopting the best option for bridging potential perception gaps to reach your ideal. Let’s not hide the need to compare and measure, because what can’t be measured doesn’t exist and can’t be improved.

In addition to the daily reporting of communication actions, Calyptus implements media intelligence actions to help you and your managers make decisions through sector and competitive intelligence.

Calyptus carries out inventory reviews, reputation management audits, monitoring, benchmarking and voice share mapping.

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