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Ensure a supportive climate to your business with the help of journalists as opinion leaders

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Calyptus can help you pass on your message across to the media, and put you in touch with the press and journalists  as opinion leaders, to ensure a positive climate to the development of your business.

The benefits of a solid methodology in structuring of PR processes

The average journalist receives around 200 press releases per day, often unrelated to his or her field. That’s why using a PR agency makes sense! It’s no longer a question of producing information or content that will inevitably be drowned out, it’s a question of addressing the right target via the right channel, positioning yourself effectively to reach the right journalist, and finally making the relationship last. It’s true that there are fewer journalists than there used to be, they have less time and are in great demand. And that’s what press relations consultancy is all about. Quite simply, through in-depth thought and preparation, an appropriate strategy and dedicated techniques, we aim to create a nurturing relationship between these journalists and our clients, providing them with relevant information that they can use over and over, guiding them honestly so that they can do their job: confronting opinions, benchmarking expertise and providing our clients’ stakeholders with the keys to informing them and, where appropriate, facilitating decision-making on investment, consumption, acquisition, commitment, etc. Whoever helps the journalist to do his job can only be rewarded!

  • In line with PR best practice, Calyptus takes charge of transmitting and applying the PR dynamic to your organization: setting up processes, defining your media targets, and articulating them to generate regularly renewed interest among journalists;
  • Calyptus develops tools to target the right media and journalists. The consultants set up real-time monitoring of your core target audiences, and keep abreast of the latest moves in the editorial teams or new print columns or radio or TV programs;
  • In line with your company’s strategy, Calyptus helps you create a newsflow through the targeted distribution of press releases to maintain a steady flow of information to the press, as well as the creation of a spokesperson charter to embody your company in the media, and the development of PR campaigns to capitalize on existing content and benefit from market highlights;
  • Since each stakeholder requires its own format, Calyptus adapts its PR material specifically for journalists;
  • Calyptus deploys the necessary validation circuits and reporting tools according to a measurement framework to guarantee effective PR management that can be measured over time.
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Take control of the challenges and opportunities of speaking out

Targeting remains one of the fundamentals of any communication strategy. Particularly in France, we are fortunate to have a strong press, in both the general and trade press, with competent, often specialized journalists capable of sorting, verifying and prioritizing information and putting it into perspective. Their readers know it! We know these journalists, and we work with them on a daily basis to identify speaking opportunities for our clients.

  • Through active pitching to finely-targeted and qualified journalists, Calyptus identifies opportunities to speak in the media that correspond to you on the subjects that concern you;
  • Calyptus prepares contacts with journalists in one-to-one, one-to-a-few and one-to-many formats, and follows up interviews and press requests;
  • Calyptus sets up referencing campaigns through informal introductory meetings with editorial teams and media briefings on specific themes.
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The PR strategy, a prerequisite for the operational set-up of PR actions

As a reminder, press relations are first and foremost about ennsuring a favorable climate, so activating the lever of journalists without structuring your approach won’t help you maintain your visibility and make a difference. A minimum of preparation is required to achieve a high level of press coverage throughout the year. When it comes to PR strategy, the key is to build a self-supporting roadmap based on solid communication assets, before rolling out press relations actions and reaping the expected results.

  • Calyptus provides you with a PR strategy, an extension of your communication strategy;
  • Calyptus will work with you to define the timetable and the content and scope of the corresponding PR actions.
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Journalists: a community with its own codes

Press and media relations are all about relationships. And a relationship has to be nurtured. Beyond the address book, you need to know the habits and constraints of this profession. At Calyptus, creating a relationship of mutual trust and working in a healthy environment is a key ethical imperative.

  • Calyptus has been working alongside journalists for 25 years, and is fully aware of the expectations and constraints they face, as well as the changing media landscape in France and abroad;
  • Calyptus consultants are in daily contact with a multi-sector network of journalists from the trade press, the national and regional daily press, as well as magazines, blogs, the audiovisual press and the consumer publications.
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