Event communication, sponsoring and sponsorship

Generate meaningful brand awareness for your organization and your brand

Are you planning a proprietary event?

Would you like to speak out within your ecosystem?

Would you like to raise your profile by supporting a sports, environmental, societal or humanitarian project that conveys meaning and values?

Events, a vehicule of brand recognition

Well thought-out and executed event communication helps to attract, engage and satisfy your participants, with the aim of reinforcing the company’s brand image. Effective event communication helps to strengthen the reputation of the organizing brand by demonstrating its expertise in the field covered by the event, which can lead to greater recognition and credibility. Communicating after the event is just as important! Sending thank-you notes, soliciting feedback via surveys or questionnaires, sharing post-event summaries or resources all serve to strengthen the relationship with participants and gather information to improve future events.

  • Calyptus designs the entire event package, from the initial concept to the day-of monitoring and post-event follow-up;
  • Calyptus plans your event in project management mode, while respecting deadlines and costs;
  • Calyptus puts you in touch with trusted service providers (catering, trade shows, etc.);
  • Calyptus takes charge of the event’s scenography and the content management (invitation, schedule and script, etc.);
  • Calyptus guides you through public speaking offering role-playing and rehearsals.
communication evenementielle sponsoring parrainage calyptus

Existing among peers: trade fairs, conventions/keynotes, awards/labels

Participating in events, trade fairs and conferences has many advantages for companies. These events provide an opportunity to meet professionals in your sector, potential partners, customers and suppliers, and the trade press. Networking is crucial to establishing business relationships, discovering new opportunities and expanding your professional circle. Participating in trade shows and conventions offers a multitude of opportunities, from networking and visibility to education, lead generation and competitive intelligence, all of which contribute to the development and growth of your business.

  • Calyptus identifies trade shows, award ceremonies and tough leadership engagements to help you stand out among your peers;
  • Calyptus can help you set up your projects, compete for awards and apply for labels;
  • Calyptus will help you promote and enhance your presence at these events.
relations investisseurs analystes calyptus

Leverage your image with sponsoring and partnerships

Implementing sponsorship and philanthropy strategies offers a company the opportunity to increase its visibility, enhance its brand image, strengthen its relationships, and engage in meaningful initiatives that embody the brand’s values, all of which can have a positive impact on its business and reputation.

  • Calyptus works with you to define your needs in terms of brand awareness and the scope of intervention;
  • Calyptus identifies and prospects projects likely to be of interest to you;
  • Calyptus puts you in touch with the right people and helps you frame your sponsoring or partnership project;
  • Calyptus promotes the sponsorship or partnership project in the press and on social networks.
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