Digital communication

Getting known and boost your image on the web and networks

Need to raise your digital profile?

Look for setting up your online presence?

Would you like a website dedicated to a target audience such as investors?

Look for visibility by capitalizing on the amplification power of social networks?

Want to engage with your stakeholders directly?

Because today we are media ourselves, Calyptus supports you in your communication strategy on all digital platforms and channels, in compliance with best practices and regulations, in order to optimize your online presence or e-reputation and bring you closer to your stakeholders.

The website, the entry point to your digital communications

Your website is often the first interaction a user has with your company. It should reflect your brand’s identity and values, creating a positive first impression. A user-friendly, intuitive website is essential to hold visitors’ attention. Navigation must be easy, pages must load quickly, and the interface must be adapted to different devices (computers, tablets, mobiles). Quality content optimized for search engines (SEO) is vital to increase your visibility, engage visitors and encourage them to stay on your site. Relevant information, attractive visuals and clear, convincing messages are just as crucial.

  • Calyptus designs, manages and animates your website: from auditing your existing site to integrating content on a daily basis;
  • With its partners, Calyptus provides the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance (technical hotline);
  • Calyptus optimizes the user experience and SEO for optimized referencing.
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Social networks: Let's engage!

Social networks have become essential platforms for businesses, and a solid strategy on these channels is essential for several reasons: to increase visibility and brand awareness, to engage with stakeholders directly, to distribute relevant information to the right audience thanks to targeting and segmentation tools, and to create a real community. Once again, you need to know your competitors and the best practices in your sector! In short, a well-designed social media strategy enables a company to build its brand, engage its clients, disseminate relevant content, analyze performance and remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment.

  • Calyptus supports you in social media management to engage with and act on your community;
  • Calyptus carries out continuous social listening to monitor your e-reputation;
  • Calyptus animates your presence by curating existing content or producing posts and engaging in dialogue.
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New communication territories, don't forget the image: videos, podcasts and webinars

Visuals and video are powerful tools for capturing attention, creating emotional impact, increasing engagement, facilitating understanding and boosting the visibility of a brand or company in the digital world. Integrating these elements into a digital communications strategy can considerably improve its effectiveness.

  • Calyptus provides you with fully-equipped audiovisual studios and prepares you to record sponsored interviews with professional journalists in audio or video format;
  • Calyptus organizes and hosts webinars via videoconferencing platforms with integrated animation and live chat;
  • Calyptus adds value to this content and makes it available to your internal and external distribution channels.
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Personalize your communication through emailing campaigns and newsletters

Email campaigns enable greater personalization, and newsletters offer a direct channel for engaging your audience. You can share news, promotions, useful tips or exclusive content, encouraging interaction and feedback on your website or social networks. Regular newsletters can help build audience loyalty. In short, targeted email campaigns and newsletters offer a direct, personalized way to communicate with your audience, strengthen customer relationships, encourage engagement and boost conversions, while offering effective ways to measure and optimize the return on investment of your campaigns thanks to performance analysis tools.

  • Calyptus offers access to partners’ opt-in files to distribute information in newsletter format;
  • Calyptus can help you design, write and distribute your various communication media.
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Calyptus has surrounded itself with efficient, on-demand and receptive partners to meet your digital challenges.

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