Crisis communication, activism and influence

Anticipating crises, mitigating reputational risks and exploiting the dynamics of infuence to your advantage

As a financial communications agency for listed companies, Calyptus has the codes and best practices to implement specific measures to limit the impact of a potential crisis, or to engage in active dialogue with your stakeholders: identify and anticipate weak signals, define tactical bypass  protocols, mobilize the key opinion leaders in your ecosystem and manage relationships with them.

Since your reputation is a strategic asset for your organization, and your voice matters, Calyptus provides its teams of experienced consultants at your disposal 24/7/365, along with its network of experts in crisis communications, public affairs and lobbying.

Being well prepared: a first step to getting out of a tricky situation

A crisis occurs when diverging interests come into play. An emotional phase is emerging, and a loss of confidence can be felt. With the multiplication of messages, tools and distribution channels, such as the various platforms and social networks, pushing for immediacy and, ultimately, too much information without hindsight, you do need to react quickly. In a crisis situation, the entire ecosystem is affected. It’s important to describe your reality and precise your actions, with the aim of controlling what people say about you as quickly as possible.

  • Calyptus is at your disposal to select the right tools to detect weak signals, identify and assess risks and anticipate crises, their nature and their potential scale, using a simple indicator;
  • Calyptus identifies the different scenarios, defines the optimum strategy, develops the messages and Q&As, and activates the necessary actions (backfires, brand ambassadors, etc.),
  • Calyptus structures, manages and monitors the communication task force in the case of a major crisis.
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Restricted communication or under NDAs, or how to exploit communication dynamics to your advantage

When you’re in a legally complicated situation or under “non disclosure agreement”, the main aim of any communication is to mitigate the risk. Collectively with your advisors, you’ll need to make your voice heard and understood, roll out your advocacy, manage the emotional aspects and tension as well as the timing to ensure your brand runs the least risk of losing credibility.

  • Calyptus aims to mitigate reputational risk in all its dimensions: drivers and scale of risk, channels of leaks, degree of stakeholder involvement, S/M/L evaluation, etc;
  • Calyptus implements the monitoring tools required for this mission;
  • Calyptus takes tactical restraining decisions in the event of a major crisis, in accordance with your lawyers, and concentrates external requests,
  • Calyptus deploys the storytelling to help you withstand the pressure, right up to taking on the role of spokesperson if necessary.
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Activists, convince to create value !

In a campaign of activism , you’ll have to navigate between relations with the media, shareholders, target companies and other stakeholders. Managing relationships with all these players is mandatory to shaping the narrative around your actions and, above all, your intentions. Communicating objectives, intentions and proposals strategically is vital: it requires careful planning to influence shareholders, rally investor support and convince stakeholders of the validity of their recommendations. You’ll often face counter-arguments and resistance. Your communication must be ready to answer these criticisms in a professional and convincing manner. Managing reactions and communicating accordingly to avoid unforeseen impacts requires expertise and responsiveness. Communication for activists needs to be strategic, transparent and suitable to diverse audiences to successfully achieve their objectives while navigating a complex and sometimes hostile environment.

  • Calyptus implements a communication strategy to support minority investors in asserting their rights while respecting all parties involved,
  • Calyptus builds the appropriate pitch and content (press material, website and social snacking content),
  • Calyptus activates the levers of influence and Key opinion leaders to deploy these shareholder activism campaigns: contacts with associations, rating agencies and independent advisors, media, etc.
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In-depth work on perception through influence and advocacy

Influence communication and advocacy aim to convince, influence and mobilize the opinions, attitudes or actions of individuals, groups or decision-makers. It’s all about maintaining your credibility, so it’s crucial to build and preserve stakeholder trust by providing accurate, transparent and verifiable information. The main challenges will be to understand the political, social, economic and cultural context, and to adapt messages to these contexts in order to be relevant and effective. Facing up to the evolution of communication channels while keeping in mind accessibility for all audiences is a constant challenge. Segmentation makes it possible to personalize communication to maximize its impact, and establishing strategic partnerships with other players can reinforce the effectiveness of influence and advocacy. We can also think about collaborating with organizations sharing similar objectives to amplify the message and increase impact. These campaigns can influence public perception and generate unforeseen reactions. It’s crucial to manage potential reputational risks and anticipate adverse reactions. Finally, measuring annd assessing the effectiveness of the actions undertaken is essential to adjusting the strategy, through the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Calyptus supports you in your dialogue with stakeholders, your public relations strategies and your lobbying activities;
  • Calyptus optimizes the targeting of Key Opinion Leaders and mobilizes these ambassadors to defend your interests through dedicated advocacy campaigns.
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The key to all communication, in times of crisis as in everyday life, is anticipation. Calyptus is at your disposal 24/7/365 to support you. If you care about your reputation, let’s talk!

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