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Boost your image and protect your reputation

In a world of infobesity, fake news, greenwashing and bad buzz, the perception from your stakeholders has to be under control, now more than ever before. Being known and recognized is a bulwark against reputational risks, and your brand image is an asset that you can capitalise on. So take back control of your image, your messages and your reputation with Calyptus!

If you want to bring brand image credibility to promote your company and generate commitment among your stakeholders, Calyptus is at your side to ensure the substance and coherence required for your communications.

If you want to control the impact of your communication on your ecosystem and protect your reputation, Calyptus can help you by implementing the intermediation mechanisms required for this purpose in accordance with best practices.

Thanks to its deep expertise in corporate communications, Calyptus is ready to meet any strategic challenge. Our teams draw on 25 years of experience to rally all the concepts, techniques and tools needed to boost your image and protect your reputation.

You are ...

Looking for a communications agency? Are you a financial player, an institutional investor, an investment fund manager or distributor looking for a press relations agency? Do you want to roll out a communication campaign for a fundraising operation or a key milestone in the life of your company? Would you like to set up a website? Are you looking to produce relevant, high-quality content? Are you under pressure from your environment and/or feeling at risk? Or do you simply want to get noticed, be recognized and stand out among your peers and competitors?

Whether you are an unlisted company, a listed player or a financial or investment professional, Calyptus supports you in structuring, defining, designing and deploying your corporate communications strategy, whatever your underlying strategic challenges and at every stage of your development.

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Who are your stakeholders?

You interact with a multitude of various audiences on many different but interconnected issues. You engage with these audiences directly and indirectly through opinion leaders and a wide variety of influence groups.

At Calyptus, we are aware that your stakeholders are becoming increasingly demanding and the team offers you the best strategy for targeting and engaging with them successfully:

  • Investors and/or shareholders;
  • Opinion leaders (influence groups and media);
  • Employees and directors;
  • Customers and prospects;
  • Public authorities and local representatives;
  • Talents;
  • Your ecosystem.

Do you know them? These stakeholders often have conflicting intentions with each other or even with you, and each responds to its own constraints.

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How do we address them?

Preparatory work is imperative before implementing any communication approach. It involves mapping your ecosystem, identifying your challenges and translating them into communication objecives.

To achieve this, Calyptus designs strategies and implements communication tools in line with your challenges and issues and the expected results:

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