TechShare: first financial communications workshop

As EnterNext’s financial communications partner in the TechShare program, Calyptus brought together the CEOs of selected companies for a one-day workshop in mid-April, designed and run by Calyptus.

In 2015, Calyptus was selected by EnterNext as a “coaching partner” for the TechShare program, which supports European Tech companies in their transition to the financial markets. Calyptus met with the heads of the program’s member companies on an individual basis, and then brought them together for a day of exchanges and training.

Held at Euronext’s premises, the program covered the following topics:

– financial communication targets and their expectations,

– how to address other stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, etc.),

– financial advertising,

– L’equity story, in partnership with The Message Company,

– financial reporting practices.

Participants then had the opportunity to visit the trading room and stock market museum created in Euronext’s new premises at La Défense.

euronext trading room at La Défense
euronext trading room at La Défense

Since the start of the program, executive involvement has been strong, and their interest has grown as their knowledge of stock markets and IPOs has increased. Better prepared for the stock market, their choice of this method of financing will be fully informed, with the right cards in hand for a successful stock market journey.

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