Champagne, turkey, foie gras and TPI

Champagne, turkey, foie gras and TPI

The December 31 cut-off date accounts for 20% of Euroclear (1) TPI requests.

If the festive season is also TPI season for you, then Calyptus can help you digest this mass of data by analyzing, supplementing and simplifying the reading of shareholding data provided by Euroclear.


Analyse s strong,christmas1imple: reprocessing of Euroclear categories, linking funds to their management company, deduplication. Calyptus delivers a complete deduplicated and enriched file (excel format) and a summary report including: breakdown of portfolios by quality (UCITS, companies, individuals, foreign custodians), list of main identified shareholders (with fund details for management companies), geographical breakdown of individual shareholding, shareholding distribution.
This analysis may be sufficient for an issuer whose shareholders are mainly located in France.
Price: €990 HT for companies with market capitalization of less than €150 million


2Once this work is done, the big unknown remains: who’s behind the foreign custodians? These can represent up to 50% of bearer shares*, and we know nothing about the identity of the true beneficiaries, or even their geographical origin. Calyptus carries out a second-level survey on your behalf, interviewing the main foreign custodians (chosen in consultation with the issuer) and delivering the various reports obtained on the final holders.

Price: €300 excl. tax per sponsor


3Full report: global shareholding analysis, including not only Euroclear bearer shareholders, but also the list of registered shareholders provided by the issuer and data retrieved from foreign custodians. Customized reporting.

Price: between €1,000 and €3,000 ex VAT, depending on the size of the issuer (small-midcap price valid up to €1 billion capitalization).


* according to the latest Banque de France statistics (non-resident ownership of French company shares – sep 2016), non-residents own 39% of French listed shares and 45% of the CAC 40.


For more information, contact – +33 1 53 65 37 91


(1) Source: Euroclear France, 17.3% of 2015 IPTs were realized at December 31.

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