Calyptus also helps companies exit the stock market

The agency assisted Next Radio TV in communicating its planned withdrawal to individual shareholders.

There are many good reasons for going public, but there are also good reasons for going private: industrial consolidation, optimization of the legal structure following a takeover, a change in shareholder structure…

For institutional shareholders, the price criterion is generally enough to convince the most reluctant to contribute their shares. Individual shareholders, on the other hand, develop over time a genuine attachment to the company in which they hold a share: for them, highlighting the “good deal” achieved is not enough.

However, the 95% threshold required to trigger a squeeze-out procedure depends very much on the mobilization of individual shareholders.

It is therefore important to explain the reasons for the exit, the motivations of the management team, and to reassure them about the long-term viability of the teams and products, in order to win the support of individual shareholders.

For these “Public-to-Private” operations, Calyptus carefully prepares the sales pitch with the company and its advisors, and orchestrates communication through letters to shareholders, dedicated content and web space, a shareholder-targeted advertising campaign, a call center (inbound and/or outbound) and a press relations program.

The agency successfully supported the withdrawal operations of Next Radio TV, Systar, Maesa, Léon de Bruxelles…


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